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Web App Service brings together everything you need to build cloud applications such as websites, mobile apps, and RestFul Services. Cloud applications are run on an orchestrated cloud platform which can scale your application on demand. This enables each instance to support multiple applications and domains while growing with your user base and load. Each web app runs on an Isolated host that makes sure your apps are in a private, dedicated container environment making it ideal for apps that require secure connections with your on-premises network, or additional performance and scale. We don't meter your application instance usage, it is manually provisioned as required so your cost is predictable and billed in advance.


RAM Core count Storage Network
8GB min 1 - Max 4 50GB (Cloud) Unlimited at 250 Mbits/s


Our network infrastructure is designed to never be a bottleneck to your business. We provide a high capacity network with unlimited transfer and up to 5 Gbit/s bandwidth per server. We provide the tools to build high quality infrastructures with flexible IPs, IPv6 and security groups.

All our offerings come with a basic DDoS protection to prevent your servers from going down.

Run your infrastructure in autonomous facilities, spread across multiple geographic regions to maximize your service reliability. Experience a very high reliability level thanks to a zero single point of failure design.

** Resources are not shared

** Network is dedicated